Bank Reconciliation Windows Enhancements: Print Reconciliation & Print Preview

Bank Reconciliation Windows Enhancements

Print Reconciliation and Print Preview
Printing your reconciliation report hasn't changed much, except that you now have a Super Range for the banks (Super Ranges are now standard wherever you had any ranges before). But you'll notice that Print/Preview button in the lower right - we know you'll really love our Preview option, because it represents a huge step forward over the DOS Report Viewer function. Here's a sample of the new print preview:
The print preview window, available for all report programs, can show you two entire pages of the report at a time, whereas the Report Viewer could only show a fraction of one page. The Print Preview also allows you to switch to single page display if you prefer, and you can even zoom in on a portion of a page for a closer look. Moving between pages can be done with the Next and Previous Page buttons, or you can navigate quickly through long reports by using the scroll bar at the right edge. Think of how often in the DOS product you printed a hardcopy report just because the Report Viewer couldn't show you enough information at a time, and how our new Print Preview feature will save precious and increasingly expensive paper.

And don't worry about losing all your customized report formats when you use the Windows version. The Windows version uses the same reports as your DOS version, customized just the way you like them. And of course, when using the Windows version, there's no more worrying about LPT ports, printer numbers, and all that jazz. The Windows product prints like any other Windows program, letting you choose from all your standard printing options that you have available under Windows.

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