The Inventory module (and all of our Windows modules) have the capability to print barcodes. You can add barcodes based on any field of any report or label format. This capability is especially useful in the Inventory module, where you can generate item labels, receiving labels, shelf labels, and so on, all with barcodes.

Here's the screen for the Item Labels program. On the right you can see that that many different label formats have been added, including some preset to include barcodes. Barcodes are added to these formats, and any others you wish, in the DOS System Administrator Modify Reports program.

Inventory Item Labels Window Item Labels progra, report list shown

And here's a report preview of one of the barcode label reports:

Item Barcode Report in Preview Window

RTS-Advantage supports all the most popular 1-D barcode symbologies. We offer:

Code 39
Code 93
Code 128
Interleaved 2 of 5

And our barcodes are flexible, too. You have control over the vertical size, the narrow bar width, whether text is shown under or over the barcode or not at all, rotation on the page, color, and options for bearer bars and quiet zones.

Here's an example of a physical inventory report that uses barcodes. We colored the barcodes red on this one, and dispensed with the barcode text since it was already printing on the report. Also notice we added a pair of logos to the report header (that's part of our report images feature, also available on all Inventory reports):

Physical Inventory report with barcodes and images

Keep in mind that you can barcode ANY field on a report. It doesn't have to be the item number -- how would you like your item price labels to have the selling price barcoded so clerks can just swipe on the price? No problem!

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