Inventory Expert

The new Inventory Expert program puts all the information about your items at your fingertips. From one convenient window you can view all this information:

General Item Info
Web Store
Monthly Sales History
Product Category
Picture / External File
Serial Numbers
Audit Trail
Assembly FIFO/LIFO Costs
Discounts Vendors Warehouses
Item References Sales History POs

And although this list includes a lot of potentially sensitive information, there's no need to worry because you can turn off any of these features for any login. Not only can you turn off any of the windows you prefer a user not to see, you can also choose to leave sensitive windows available but remove any cost and/or sales totals information.

Imagine how you can improve productivity and customer service! Your clerks and managers will have the answers to a hundred customer questions right at their fingertips:

Not to mention all the questions you have as a manager:
Inventory Expert is a tabbed dialog; to see a particular category of information, just click on the tab. Once you're on the tab you want, scroll through the grids to quickly zero in on the information you need.

Don't like the way a grid is sorted? Just click on the heading you want to sort by and the information is re-sorted in that order. On the two screens below we see the Audit Trail tab. On the left we see the audit trail entries in their normal date order. But let's say you want to see what a particular clerk has done with this item. Simply click on the Login column header and the audit entries are sorted in order by login name. By the way, the Login field in the audit is itself a new feature of the Windows version!

Inventory Expert Audit Before Re-Sort Inventory Expert Audit After Sorting Logins

Inventory Expert's Picture tab can show am image associated with your item. Double-click on the image and a full-size version will display in a separate window:

Inventory Expert Image Viewer

The Picture tab can also be used to associate any file with your item, not just a picture. Here we have associated a PDF file with the grill. When you double-click on the multimedia icon, the PDF is automatically opened using your default PDF viewer. You can use this feature with spreadsheets, documents, text files, blueprints, CAD drawings, practically anything:

Inventory Expert with PDF file
Inventory Expert automatically opens a PDF file associated with this item with your default PDF viewer

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