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Lot of new features here! First we have the new ability to associate an image or other external file with each item -- see here for more on that feature. Next we have anothe biggie, the new 5 years of monthly sales history figures -- more about that here.

That leaves us with the new
much more flexible core items. Core items come to us from the auto parts industry, but any business can make great use of them. Whenever you sell something that has a core item associated with it, the core item is automatically added to the invoice. The core item might represent a service charge, a maintenance fee, a warranty, or just an extra normal item that always goes along with the sale, like a bottle of propane with a grill. In the DOS version cores were extremely limited -- there was just a single core item for all of inventory, and that item had a flat price.

Now every item can have any other item defined as its core item, and pricing is up to you -- you can define a flat price, use the core's regular pricing (with discounting if applicable), or have the charge for the core be a percentage of the selling price of the main item.

The new core features will only be active in Windows modules.

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