Item Discounts

Item Discounts brings one new feature to the table and one that's been much improved.

Our new feature is the addition of a
Cost Plus discount type. We got requests from several customers to add this style of discount which combats the possibility of mistakenly discounting an item below your cost.

Our improved feature is Range Add/Modify, which was called Repeat Add/Change in the DOS product. The problem with the DOS version is that it was hard to understand and didn't really address your needs for a quick way to add or modify discounts. The new version only does one discount number at a time, so it's simpler to understand and lets you define how the discount will be setup so that you don't have to go to the trouble of creating template items.

Item Discounts Main Tab
Item Discounts - New Cost+ Feature
Item Discounts Range Add/Modify Tab Item Discounts Range Delete option

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