Vendor Master

In the Vendor Master we have several useful new features and a much-improved old one.

You'll notice a pair of new fields are available on vendors,
Reorder Quantity and Minimum Reorder. Although you can continue to use the Reorder Quantity in the Item Master for items that must be ordered in the same increments from all vendors, you can override that figure on any vendor now by specifying a Reorder Quantity here. The functionality is the same, but it recognizes that not all vendors do business the same way.

The new Minimum Reorder quantity field defines the smallest quantity of this item that you can order from the vendor. Many vendors have minimum order levels on their items, and those quantities don't necessarily coincide with their reorder quantities, either. For instance, your vendor might sell you canned soda by the case (reorder quantity = 24 cans) but requires you to purchase a minimum of 10 cases at a time (minimum reorder = 240 cans).

Please note that these new fields are ignored by the DOS version.

Our improved feature in the Vendor Master is the new Range Add/Modify option (used to be called Repeat Add/Change). While that feature of the DOS product was quite powerful, it failed on two counts -- first, it was quite hard to understand how it worked, and second, it treated the adding and changing of vendors in a very unrealistic way (forcing you to copy costs, for instance). The new Range Add/Modify does one vendor at a time, so it's much easier to get your head around it, and it allows you to pick the fields that will be set or modified so that you never overwrite good information.

Vendor Master Main Screen
The main tab of the Vendor Master

Range Add/Modify Tab of Vendor Master
The Range Add/Modify tab of the Vendor Master

Range Delete tab of Vendor Master
The Range Delete tab of the Vendor Master

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