Adjust Minimums

The Adjust Minimums program got a lot more powerful with the addition of 5 years of sales history. Now you can base your minimums on any combination of months over any of the past five years. Honing your minimums with accurate data is an important step in making your business run at peak efficiency -- these new features are going to make you money!

We've also added the ability to calculate minimums for warehouses and serial numbers (assuming you use serial numbers for lots or size/color/style applications, of course). Until we added this ability the only way you could set these detailed minimums was manually. Now you tell the program what range of audit trail dates you want to consider and it goes out and finds all the sales for each item and warehouse or serial number, divides it by the number of days in your audit trail date range to come up with a daily minimum. From there minimums are calculated based on your answers to the rest of the prompts in this program. For those of you running multiple locations, this new capability WILL save you time and money!

Adjust Minimums Screen

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