Audit Trail Labels

While you can use the Item Labels program to print labels for your inventory, if you routinely apply labels to your products as you receive them, Audit Trail Labels is a convenient option for automatically printing the exact number of labels you need as shipments come in.

The inventory programs now can print both continuous and sheet labels, making them far more flexible than ever before. A wide range of label sizes and styles are available (37 default formats), including the most popular Avery label configurations. You can also add your own label formats if your business uses custom labels of some sort. Labels may include barcodes as can all reports in Windows RTS-Advantage. Among the default formats are several preprogrammed with barcodes. Bar codes can represent item numbers, prices, or any other data field available as part of the label format.

Audit Trail Labels Screen
Audit Label Program showing Report Formats

As with all reporting programs, the addition of SuperRanges and the Print Preview option makes the Windows product more robust and user-friendly.

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