SuperRanges are sort of like the from-to ranges in our DOS product but on steroids! Wherever you find a paltry few ranges in our DOS product, mostly in report and processing programs, in the Windows version you'll find SuperRanges that give you incredibly fine control over these processes. For instance, look at the Item Master report program below. In the DOS product you had ranges on just four fields (Item Number, Group Number, Description and Warehouse Number). In the Windows version you can define ranges on practically any field in the item or warehouse master files, a total of 39 fields (trust us, they're all there -- SuperRanges are often in scrollable windows since there can be so many of them)!

No longer are you hamstrung by a paltry few ranges. Want to see a report of your items that have zero quantity on hand, year to date sales over a thousand in product category 3 and prices under $5? No problem! And now you also have wildcards on all text fields. That means that you can do even more sophisticated ranges on fields with a consistent format. For instance, if you have item numbers that include, say, a color code, you can use wildcards to cherry-pick all those of a certain color.

Item Master Report Screen Highlighting SuperRanges

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