Version 4: Patch 10, 03-JAN-05

Version 4: Patch 10, Released January 3, 2005

12/31/04: RG 1, OE 1 01/02/05: SA 3
This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.
This patch contains three programming changes and updated tax tables. The first programming change is a fix for a Report Generator problem where an extra page could be printed when a subtotal section was forced to the bottom of a page. The fix for Order Entry addresses a problem that can occur when previously allocated explosion items are deleted from an order. The SA17 patch corrects a problem where certain new fields were not updated when converting data from Armor Premier.

In addition to the above programming patches, this patch includes updated tax tables for 2005 for the following states: MA, MO, NM and RI.

Click here for instructions on applying the individual components of this patch.
Versions After Applying Patch OE5:4.01, SA17:4.02, RG3:4.01





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TAX1 & 2
Click here for instructions on how to install updated tax tables.

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