Version 4: Patch 15, 23-FEB-05

Version 4: Patch 15, Released February 23, 2005

This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.
This patch corrects problems in Order Entry, a problem with the credit card interface and adds new features to the Modify Reports program of System Administrator and to Job Cost program 19, Update From Payroll.

In Order Entry program 1, Prepare Orders, there was a problem with detail tax totals and freight charges not being handled correctly in certain circumstances. Also, Order Entry program 54, Order From Estimate, was changed to copy the default secondary salesperson when a new customer is assigned to an order.

The credit card interface now properly recognizes a manually specified path for the REQ files.

System Administrator program 11 (Modify Reports) now allows you to set the number of decimals on individual percentage fields. (Click here to learn more.)

Job Cost program 19 now can update piecework pay from Payroll. (Click here to learn more.)

For more details on this patch, read newsletter #30.

Versions After Applying Patch
The programs listed below do not have a program version change; the version change applies only to the pop-up credit card window that is accessed through these programs.
IM 4

JC 19

OE 1

OE 54

SA 11






AR18, BL4, OE1, PS4, PS5, QS14
The pop-up credit card window accessed through these programs now has a version of 4.03 displayed in the lower right corner.
Click Here To See An Example
02/02/05: PS 1

02/03/05: PS 0

02/09/05: BL 2

02/14/05: OE 2; SA 2

02/16/05: OE 0

02/17/05: AR 0; IM 0; QS 0

02/20/05: JC 0

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