Version 4: Patch 20, 29-JUN-05

Version 4: Patch 20, Released June 29, 2005

This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.
This patch addresses the following:
  • In Accounts Receivable program 18 (Post Payments), at the Apply To prompt if you chose I for invoice rather than a line number, the calculation of the default early payment discount was incorrect if the chosen invoice had an invoice discount on it. We also added an enhancement that will do automatic calculation of the default discount amount if the payment is less than the balance of the invoice but greater than the default discounted amount (before you had to manually take the discount in this situation).

  • In Job Cost program 18 (Autopost Overhead/Tax) you would get an error if taxes needed to be calculated on a work order with functions using detail tax rates (sometimes known as Tennessee Taxes).

  • In System Administrator program 7 (Update Files) if you selected to update both data files and print layout files (B at File Options) for a specific module and company and the data files did not need to be converted, the process would end before continuing on to updating the print layout file.

  • In System Administrator program 9 (Relink Files) there were certain VERY rare situations where the Relink would lock up based on a particular configuration of valid data in the file being relinked. The data had to be very large and in a very specific order and configuration for the problem to happen. To give you an idea of the rarity of the problem, we have found only 3 sets of data that exhibit the problem in the last 20 years. The problem was in the sorting utility that is used in programs throughout RTS-Advantage but the problem only ever occurred when relinking. The new version of the Sort Utility is 4.01. To check the version of the Sort you must look (quickly) at the Sort window that is displayed on the screen when sorting data.

Versions After Applying Patch
AR 18: 4.01

JC 18: 4.01

SA 7: 4.03

SORT: 4.01

06/14/05: JC 0

06/27/05: SA 2

06/29/05: AR 0

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