Version 4:Patch 23, 07-NOV-05

Version 4: Patch 23, Released November 7, 2005

This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.
This patch addresses the following:
  • Inventory program 27 (Inventory Adjustment) has a new option called "Used Quantity". This new feature allows you to quickly relieve your inventory of item quantities. You may either specify a quantity to be removed from inventory or select 'Z' to zero the quantity on hand. This option is especially useful in a manufacturing environment where quantities of material must be quickly accounted for as they are being used. The new option is only available when the warehousing feature of Inventory is inactive. The new version of Inventory program 27 is 4.01, the SCFM file is now 4.02, and the ADMESSAG.DAT file is now 4.01.

  • In Inventory program 10 (Discounts) there was a display problem causing some junk to appear on the screen when adding discounts. No program change but the new version of the ADINSCFM.DAT file is 4.02.

  • In Inventory program 36 (Shrinkage/Spoilage) when using the Specific option with the warehousing feature turned off, the program was unnecessarily doing warehouse checks that were making the program both slow and potentially unstable. New version of Inventory program 36 is 4.03.

  • If the Accounts Receivable Sales History Custom Sort Order was set to be a combination of fields that totaled less than 23 characters in length then the report would not print the expected data. In addition, in these circumstances the Custom Key could not be reorganized successfully in System Administrator program 8. New version of Accounts Receivable program 25 (Sales History) is 4.02, new version of program 54 (Custom Sort Orders) is 4.02.

  • The government of Canada has issued new standards for the way printed checks are to be formatted. They now require that dates printed on checks conform to one of the following formats:

Although RTS-Advantage allows for many different date formats on reports, none of these three were among them. These three date formats have now been added as options and can be chosen for any printed date. To do this go to System Administrator program 11 (Modify Reports) , load the report, edit the section containing the date and put your cursor on the date field. Then TAB and choose Specify. You will see a list of the 9 date formats available.

The new root version is 4c00 and the new version of System Administrator program 11 is 4.02. Please note that only Payroll, Accounts Payable and General Ledger are actually included in this patch since they are the only ones that print checks.

ROOT 4c00
Versions After Applying Patch
AR 25: 4.02

AR 54: 4.02

IN 27: 4.01

IN 36: 4.03

IN SCFM: 4.02

SA 11: 4.02


ADMESSAG: 10/26/05
IN SCFM: 10/27/05

Dates on the roots below should be 11/05/05 after installing this patch.
GL 00

AP 00

PR 00, 01, 02

AR 00, 01

IN 00

SA 02

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