Version 4: Patch 31, 25-JUN-07

Version 4: Patch 31, Released June 25, 2007

This patch has been compressed with the PKZip utility. After downloading, you must decompress it before installing it with the DeltaDOS program.
This patch affects not only programs, but data files in both the System and Data directories. The above link (PATCH31.ZIP) is rather large because it contains all the files updated by this patch. If you would rather download the files for each directory separately (which are smaller), use the links below:
Contains the PATCH31.DPF file which is used by DeltaDOS to update the program files.
Copy this file to the APROGS directory, decompress it and install the Patch31.DPF file with the DeltaDOS program.
Contains sample data files with new help articles and updated data.
Copy this file to the AUSER directory, decompress it and allow it to overwrite the existing files.
Contains system data files such as FR, PL and SCFM files.
Copy this file to the AFILES directory, decompress it and allow it to overwrite the existing files.
UNIX Users: This patch is not available for download from our website. Please contact your dealer to order patch product.
This patch contains minor bug fixes, a few enhancements, and changes for compatibility with the new Windows version of the software.
  • Accounts Receivable program 25, Sales History, did not properly limit the report based on entering a range to include only one specific Invoice Reference. This was a change to the SCFM file.

  • The default reports printed by Inventory program 29, Below Minimum, and program 30, Serial Age Analysis, have been rearranged and improved for better readability.

  • Another batch of new fields have been added to various Inventory files for the upcoming Windows product. There will be no visible change in the DOS version, but users will need to run System Administrator program 7, Update Files, to maintain compatibility. A new set of Inventory demo company AA files, already converted, is included with the patch.

  • Inventory program 52, Clear Sales Totals, has been changed internally for compatibility with the upcoming Windows product. There will be no noticeable functional change under the DOS version.

  • In Point of Sale, display pole type B (NCJR HPC) has been scrapped. It was replaced with support for Logic Controls display poles, currently the most commonly used pole in the industry. In-house testing of the new interface was conducted using a Logic Controls model PD3190, but it should be compatible with most any PD3000 series pole. This included a change to the SCFM file.

  • Point of Sale program 51, Estimate To Invoice, has been enhanced with a new option that allows estimates to be copied or transferred to layaway invoices. The new option applies only to AR estimates, not cash estimates. A new set of Point of Sale demo company AA files, containing updated help articles pertaining to this enhancement, is included with the patch. This included a change to the SCFM file.

    • In addition, the AUTO invoice numbering feature is now available in the Transfer option - it was previously only available with the Create option.

    • Also fixed a problem when copying/transferring estimates with serial items. If no serial number was assigned to a serialized item on the estimate, when the estimate was converted the program updated Inventory incorrectly, adding a direct warehouse to the serialized item.

  • The Point of Sale Full Invoicing, Quick Invoicing and Invoice Reprint programs were all updated to eliminate the occasional but very infrequent File Not Found errors that could pop up when printing to Window printers.

  • In Point of Sale program 4, Full Invoicing, when in View mode and the Display Quantity option in System Defaults is set to Warehouse, the Quantity on Hand and Quantity Available figures were displaying the wrong figures.

    Payroll program 17, Direct Deposit, no longer creates blank files when the Create option doesn't find any detail to deposit.

  • Improved the validation of Chart of Accounts numbers under the Single Check option of Accounts Payable program 7. In a very specific situation, you were allowed to post with blank COA numbers. Now must enter valid Chart of Accounts numbers at all four prompts.

  • Made the RapidEntry defaults friendlier for the on-the-fly Add Customer (Ctrl-U) and Add Item (Ctrl-T) options. FYI: The on-the-fly RapidEntry defaults can be changed by you; select either the Add Customers or Add Items option under the F4...File Utilities option, then select the Setup RapidEntry option. This caused the SA SCFM to be changed.

  • In Order Entry program 2, Print Orders, if detail taxes were requested to be printed the Order option was summing up the detail values across all printed orders. The Report option did not print detail taxes at all.

  • Order Entry program 4, Post Picked Items, did not clear the last line number entered after picking a line. If the operator wasn't paying attention they might end up trying to pick the same line multiple times.

  • All Report Generator dictionaries have been updated. Several minor problems were addressed, all having to do with the default from-to ranges for numeric fields. Some were larger than necessary, others smaller. Other miscellaneous minor fixes were also done.

  • Report Generator program 1, Create Simple Format, and program 2, Create/Edit Format, were changed to add certain types of fields at a more appropriate default size.

  • Throughout the software, the display of various look-ups has been improved. Specifically, the Section look-up in System Administrator program 11 and Screen Builder; the Windows Printer list when displayed in a few specific places; the Period look-up in General Ledger; the Deposit File Name look-up in Payroll program 17; the Custom menus look-up in System Administrator program 14; the Macro look-up; and Field Description look-ups in Customer Information.

  • In changing the display of Windows printer names, the maximum length of a Windows printer name has been increased from 40 to 57.

Versions After Applying Patch 31
ROOT: 4.02

PS 4: 4.11

PS 5: 4.06

PS 13: 4.04

PS 51: 4.01

OE 2: 4.04

OE 4: 4.01

SA 11: 4.04

SA 14: 4.02

PR 17: 4.02

IN 52: 4.01

AP 7: 4.02

CI 3: 4.01

CI 4: 4.02

CI 6: 4.02

CI 51: 4.02

CI 81: 4.01

GL 16: 4.01

GL 18: 4.02

GL 19: 4.01

GL 20: 4.02

GL 21: 4.02

RG 1: 4.01

RG 2: 4.02

SB 00: 4.01

ADIN00PL: 4.03

ADIN00FR: 4.03



ADARSCFM: 4.04: p25

ADPSSCFM: 4.03: p50 & 51

ADSASCFM: 4.04: p70 & 71
^U and ^T Add RapidEntry defaults

All Dictionaries; versions below:
GL: 4.02

AP: 4.02

PR: 4.04

AR: 4.05

IN: 4.04

PO: 4.03

PS: 4.03

BL: 4.03

OE: 4.03

JC: 4.03

CI: 4.02

BR: 4.04

QS: 4.02

QO: 4.01

TB: 4.03

FA: 4.02

ST: 4.02

This patch includes all modules so that the ROOT version will be the same across all modules. Because of that, all roots will have the same date of 24-JUN-07 after installing this patch.
This patch also includes updated copies of the sample data files (company AA) for:
Point of Sale: updated help articles for new functionality in program 51

System Administrator: updated help article for Windows Printer

Inventory: new Windows-specific fields added

The sample data will have a date of 24-JUN-07 after installing successfully.

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