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Archiving Transactions

Archiving Transactions with Point of Sale Invoicing
Each Point of Sale Invoicing company actually has two sets of files for storing transactions. One set is for your ‘live’ invoices – those processed today and those on hold. The other is an archive for storing copies of old completed transactions. Although the system allows you to retain completed invoices in with you current transactions, eventually the vast number will probably become more of an annoyance than a benefit.

Once transactions have been completely updated to Accounts Receivable and Inventory they are eligible for being transferred to the archive files. This is not required – they can simply be purged off if you prefer – but of course you never know when you might need to refer to one someday, and archived transactions can be leveraged as a powerful tool for tracking the health of your business.

The transactions in the archive files are accessible by the Archive programs -- Reprint Invoices, Detail Summary and Department Summary. They are also available to the Charts & Graphs program where they can be the subject of that program's flexible and robust analysis capabilities.

Screen shots of the archive programs are below:

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